Chanwoong Kim





Programming Languages

Python, C#, C++, Go, Bash, JavaScript

Back-end development

Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, MySQL, Redis, Couchbase, etcd, AWS


Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI

Desktop Application Development

Qt, WinForm, WinAPI

Work experience

Back-end Engineer

– present

Develop and maintain CLOVA Interface Connect platform.

Game Server Engineer

NEXON Korea devCAT Studio

Developed Mobile MMORPG server for “Mabinogi Mobile.”

  • Designed distributed game server architectures
  • Designed and implemented CI/CD pipelines
  • Automated cloud infrastructure using Terraform

Game Server Engineer & Back-end Engineer

NEXON Korea What! Studio

Developed Mobile MMORPG servers for “Durango: Wild Lands.”

  • Developed distributed game servers
  • Designed and developed chat service and payment service on the distributed architecture
  • Managed a back-end engineering team of about seven peoples for almost two years
  • Designed and developed monitoring and alert system using Prometheus, Telegraf and Grafana
  • Maintained and developed log analytics system using Elasticsearch, Fluentd and Kibana
  • Automated cloud infrastructure using Ansible, Terraform as IaC
  • Familiar with AWS such as EC2, IAM, VPC and S3
  • Designed and developed i18n and l10n systems for game servers and clients. It focused on Korean language properties
  • Optimized CI/CD Pipelines
  • Taught Git in the team
  • Developed game client (Unity3d) and in-house tools

Software Engineer

Incourage, Mobilfactory

Developed mobile puzzle game. Developed the game client, mobile platform integration. Designed and implemented i18n system and tool.

CTO, Software Engineer

Guarneri Studio

Developed a strategy game “Tri-Korean Empires.” Designed and implemented all of the software, including game server, game client, game launcher, web forum and payment system

Presentations (Korean)

How programmers manage assets at NDC 2019
A lightning talk(five minutes session of a free topic). Introduce to my toy project for asset management
Server management and deployment in Durango at NDC 2018
Introduce IaC, DevOps cases of Durango project
What! Studio’s service department at NDC 2017
Introduce what the service department does
Find my cell phone at NDC 2016
A lightning talk. Introduce to my toy project that found and tracked my lost cell phone
Effective Git at NDC 2016
Introduce advanced Git techniques
Give new energy to groupware at NDC 2015
A story about upgrade in-house groupware
Tri-Korean Empires at KGC 2014
A story of Tri-Korean Empires project development and postmortem